Left channel
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
exceptions Exceptions 例外
exceptions_summary Set specific actions for contacts, groups, phone numbers, or call types 設定聯絡人、群組或電話號碼的特定動作
start_recording_on_answer Start recording on answer 接通後開始錄製
start_recording_on_answer_summary_v2 Start recording once an outgoing call is answered. The app uses an undocumented workaround to detect a moment when the other side answers, so this feature may fail on some devices. 打出電話後,開始錄音。 該應用程序使用一個未公開的解決方法來檢測對方回答的時刻,所以這個功能可能會在一些設備上失敗。
start_recording_on_answer_error Call Recorder could not detect an answer moment, will start recording immediately 當通話錄音無法檢測到應答時刻,將立即開始錄製
delay_before_start_recording Delay before start recording 開始錄音前的延遲時間
delay_before_start_recording_summary For outgoing: %1$s, for incoming: %2$s 撥出: %1$s, 來電: %2$s
delay_format_sec %s sec %s 秒
delay_for_outgoing For outgoing 撥出
delay_for_incoming For incoming 來電
settings_for_device Settings for %s 設定為 %s
recording_format Recording format 錄音格式
volume_control Volume control 音量控制
volume_control_summary Left: %1$s, Right: %2$s 左: %1$s, 右: %2$s
volume_control_overall Overall volume 整體音量
left_channel Left channel 左聲道
right_channel Right channel 右聲道
sample_rate_8000 8000 Hz (Default) 8000 赫茲 (預設)
sample_rate_11025 11025 Hz 11025 赫茲
sample_rate_16000 16000 Hz 16000 赫茲
sample_rate_22050 22050 Hz 22050 赫茲
sample_rate_44100 44100 Hz 44100 赫茲
sample_rate_48000 48000 Hz 48000 赫茲
convert_after_call Convert recording after a call 通話後轉換錄音
api_audio_source Audio source 聲音來源
api_source_uplink_downlink Voice call uplink + downlink 語音通話(傳送+接收)
api_source_downlink Voice call downlink 語音通話(接收)
api_source_uplink Voice call uplink 語音通話(傳送)
api_source_microphone Microphone 麥克風
api_source_default Default 預設
api_source_voice_communication Voice communication 語音通訊
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
incall_control_for_incoming For incoming calls 來電通話
incall_control_for_incoming_summary Show in-call control button on incoming calls 來電通話時顯示呼叫控制按鈕
incall_control_for_outgoing For outgoing calls 撥出通話
incall_control_for_outgoing_summary Show in-call control button on outgoing calls 撥出通話時顯示呼叫控制按鈕
indonesian_translation Indonesian translation 印尼語翻譯
install_unlocker Install Unlocker 安裝解鎖
install_update Install 安裝
installing_update Installing 安裝
italian_translation Italian translation 義大利語
japanese_translation Japanese translation 日語
kannada_translation Kannada translation 卡納達語翻譯
kilobyte KB KB
korean_translation Korean translation 韓語
language Language 語言
latvian_translation Latvian translation 拉脫維亞語
left_channel Left channel 左聲道
license_check_failed Failed to Verify License 無法驗證授權
license_check_failed_summary Press here for details 按此處查看詳情
license_check_pending License Check Pending 授權有待驗證
license_error_contacting_server Error contacting server 伺服器連線錯誤
license_error_message Error #%1$s: %2$s 錯誤 #%1$s: %2$s
license_help Help 幫助
license_incorrect_response Incorrect license response from the Play Store Play Store 傳回不正確的授權驗證資訊
license_not_market_managed This version is not published on the Play Store yet 這個版本尚未在 Play Store 上公布
license_over_quota Too many requests from this device 此設備的請求過多
license_server_error Server error 伺服器錯誤
license_signature_verification_failed Signature verification failed 驗證簽名失敗
license_status License status 授權狀態
license_too_many_devices Too many devices activated 啟動了太多設備
license_trial Trial version, will expire on %s 試用版本,將於 %s 到期


Left channel
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