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Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
bytes bytes 位元
note Note 備註
contact_name Contact name 聯絡人姓名
phone_number Phone number 電話號碼
phone_number_hidden Hidden number 隱藏號碼
confirm_delete_message Delete recording forever? 永遠刪除此通話錄音?
confirm_move_to_trash_message Move recording to trash? 將錄音移至回收桶?
confirm_delete_message_keep_starred Keep starred 保持標記
starred_recordings_wont_be_deleted Starred recordings won't be deleted 標記星號的記錄不會被刪除
confirm_delete_several_title Confirm deletion 確認刪除
confirm_delete_several_message Delete %d recordings forever? 永遠刪除 %d 個錄音檔?
confirm_move_to_trash_several_message Move %d recordings to trash? 將 %d 個錄音移至回收桶?
share_via Share via 透過分享
recorded_calls Recorded calls 通話錄音
share_keep_meta_data Keep meta data 保持元數據
zoom_out Zoom out 縮小
zoom_in Zoom in 放大
backup_settings Backup settings 備份設定
restore_settings Restore settings 恢復設定
settings_backup Backup 備份
settings_restore Restore 還原
settings_restore_failed Restore failed 還原錯誤
settings_restore_confirm Are you sure you want to restore this backup? This will override all your current settings. This action cannot be undone. 您確定要還原這個備份?這個操作將複寫您目前的設定。這個動作將無法取消。
settings_backup_summary All settings will be saved to the following file: 所有設定將儲存到以下檔案:
settings_backup_created Backup created: %s 已建立備份: %s
settings_restored Settings restored 設定已還原
settings_restored_summary To make sure backup restored correctly 確保備份正確還原
settings_restored_summary_0 Review your exceptions in Settings → Recording. 在“設定”→“記錄”中查看您的例外情況。
settings_restored_summary_1 In Settings → Cloud you need to sign in again. 在設定→您需要重新登錄。
settings_restored_summary_2 Check Settings → Recording if you've restored settings from a different device. 如果您已從其他設備還原設定,請選中設定→錄製。
install_unlocker Install Unlocker 安裝解鎖


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