Time pattern
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
cleanup_uploaded_only_summary Only uploaded files will be automatically removed 只有上傳的檔案將被自動刪除
delete_short_recordings Delete short recordings 刪除短錄音
delete_short_recordings_summary Move recordings shorter than %s seconds to trash automatically. Set 0 to disable 自動移動小於%s秒的短錄音至垃圾。桶。設置0則禁用
delete_short_recordings_message Enter a value in seconds (0 - to disable automatic removal) 輸入值(秒)(0 -禁用自動去除)
max_trash_age Max. age of trash entries 最大歷史回收項目
max_trash_age_message Enter a value in days (0 - to disable automatic removal) 輸入天的值(0 -禁用自動去除)
max_number_of_files Max. number of files 錄音最大數量
max_number_of_files_message Enter a number (0 - no limit) 輸入數值[個] (0 - 無限制)
max_total_size_of_files Max. total size of files 錄音最大大小
max_total_size_of_files_message Enter a value in megabytes (0 - no limit) 輸入數值[MB] (0 - 無限制)
max_age_of_recordings Max. age of recordings 錄音保留最大天數
max_age_of_recordings_message Enter a value in days (0 - no limit) 輸入數值[天] (0 - 無限制)
current_setting Current setting: %s 目前的設定值: %s
settings_filename Filename 檔案名稱
filename_pattern Pattern 格式
time_pattern Time pattern 時間格式
rename_all_files Rename all files 重新命名所有檔案
rename_all_files_summary Rename all files to match pattern 重新命名所有符合的檔案
pattern_contact_name contact name 聯絡人姓名
pattern_phone_number phone number 電話號碼
pattern_call_time call time 通話時間
pattern_sim_card sim card SIM卡
pattern_call_timestamp call timestamp (unix time) 通話時間戳(Unix時間)
pattern_call_type call type (outgoing or incoming) 通話類型(撥出或來電)
pattern_group_name group name 群組名稱
time_pattern_hours hours
time_pattern_minutes minutes
time_pattern_seconds seconds
time_pattern_days days
time_pattern_months months
time_pattern_years years
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
system_recorder_folder System recorder folder 系統記錄器資料夾
system_recorder_folder_summary Select folder where built-in call recording app stores its files. New files from this folder will be imported. 選擇內置通話錄製應用程式存儲其檔案的資料夾。 將導入此資料夾中的新檔案。
system_recorder_important Important 重要
system_recorder_important_summary Use this method in case your device has built-in call recording function. The app will import new recordings from the folder selected below. Click here to open Phone settings. 如果您的設備具有內建通話錄音功能,請使用此方法。 該應用程序將從下面選擇的資料夾中導入新錄音。 單擊此處打開手機設定。
system_recorder_selected_folder Selected folder: %s 所選資料夾:%s
tamil_translation Tamil translation 坦米爾語
terabyte TB TB
terms_of_use Terms of Use 使用條款
terms_of_use_message_v2 By using the app, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: 使用該應用程序,即表示您同意使用條款和隱私政策:
thai_translation Thai translation 泰語
thank_you_for_review Thank you for the review! 感謝你的反饋!
theme Theme 主題
theme_dark Dark
theme_light Light
theme_system_default System default 系統預設
time_pattern Time pattern 時間格式
time_pattern_days days
time_pattern_hours hours
time_pattern_minutes minutes
time_pattern_months months
time_pattern_seconds seconds
time_pattern_years years
time_seconds seconds
tip_audio_output Long press Play/Pause button to switch audio output. 長按播放/暫停按鈕來切換音頻輸出。
tip_click_avatar Click avatar to open contact info. 點擊頭像開啟聯絡人信息。
tip_click_avatar_to_edit_number Click avatar to edit number or contact 單擊頭像以編輯號碼或聯絡人
tip_long_click_avatar Long press avatar will filter calls from this contact. 長按頭像將過濾這個聯絡人的來電。
tip_select_all An option Select All will then appear in the context menu. 選擇全部將在上下文選單中出現選項。
tip_select_item Long press an item to select it. 長按某個項目進行選擇。
toast_delete_starred Long press to delete starred recording 長按刪除已標記星號的錄音


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