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Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
toast_file_restored File restored 檔案已復原
toast_files_restored Files restored 檔案已復原
toast_delete_starred Long press to delete starred recording 長按刪除已標記星號的錄音
call_confirm_record_this_call Record this call 錄製此通話
open_contact Open contact 開啟聯絡人
send_sms Send SMS 傳送訊息
copy_to_clipboard Copy to clipboard 複製到剪貼簿
msg_copied Copied 複製
cloud_added Added 已增加
about_call_recorder About Call Recorder 關於通話錄音
version Version 版本
copyright Copyright 版權所有
about_many_thanks Many thanks 非常感謝
category_other Other 其它
open_source_licenses Open source licenses 開啟來源許可證
category_translators Translators 翻譯人員
german_translation German translation 德語
polish_translation Polish translation 波蘭語
french_translation French translation 法語
brazilian_portuguese_translation Brazilian Portuguese translation 巴西葡萄牙語
spanish_translation Spanish translation 西班牙語
slovak_translation Slovak translation 斯洛伐克語
italian_translation Italian translation 義大利語
persian_translation Persian translation 波斯語
chinese_translation Chinese translation 簡體中文
czech_translation Czech translation 捷克語
arabic_translation Arabic translation 阿拉伯語
hebrew_translation Hebrew translation 希伯來語
hungarian_translation Hungarian translation 匈牙利語
dutch_translation Dutch translation 荷蘭語
turkish_translation Turkish translation 土耳其語
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
call_confirm Call confirm 撥號確認
call_confirm_record_this_call Record this call 錄製此通話
call_confirm_summary Show confirmation dialog before calling 通話前顯示確認視窗
call_incoming Incoming 來電
call_outgoing Outgoing 撥出
catalan_translation Catalan translation 加泰羅尼亞語
category_actions Actions 動作
category_application Application 應用程式
category_contacts Contacts 聯絡人
category_encryption Encryption 加密
category_incall_control_button In-call control button 呼叫控制按鈕
category_main Main 主要
category_main_screen Main screen 主畫面
category_notification Notification 通知欄
category_other Other 其它
category_translators Translators 翻譯人員
change_password Change password 密碼
changelog Changelog 更新日誌
check_for_updates Check for updates 檢查更新
check_for_updates_summary Last checked on: %s 最後檢查:%s
chinese_translation Chinese translation 簡體中文
chipset_type Chipset type 晶片類型
cleanup_uploaded_only Cleanup uploaded files only 僅清理上傳的檔案
cleanup_uploaded_only_summary Only uploaded files will be automatically removed 只有上傳的檔案將被自動刪除
click_below_to_restore_license Otherwise, click below to restore license 否則,請單擊下面以恢復許可證
cloud_added Added 已增加
cloud_allow_self_signed_cert Allow self-signed cert 允許自簽名的證書
cloud_auto_upload Auto upload 自動上傳
cloud_auto_upload_summary Upload recording right after call 通話結束後自動上傳
cloud_common_settings Common 常見


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