Japanese translation
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
slovak_translation Slovak translation 斯洛伐克語
italian_translation Italian translation 義大利語
persian_translation Persian translation 波斯語
chinese_translation Chinese translation 簡體中文
czech_translation Czech translation 捷克語
arabic_translation Arabic translation 阿拉伯語
hebrew_translation Hebrew translation 希伯來語
hungarian_translation Hungarian translation 匈牙利語
dutch_translation Dutch translation 荷蘭語
turkish_translation Turkish translation 土耳其語
serbian_translation Serbian translation 塞爾維亞語
korean_translation Korean translation 韓語
romanian_translation Romanian translation 羅馬尼亞語
ukrainian_translation Ukrainian translation 烏克蘭語
traditional_chinese_translation Traditional Chinese translation 繁體中文
japanese_translation Japanese translation 日語
swedish_translation Swedish translation 瑞典語
bulgarian_translation Bulgarian translation 保加利亞語
danish_translation Danish translation 丹麥語
latvian_translation Latvian translation 拉脫維亞語
thai_translation Thai translation 泰語
georgian_translation Georgian translation 格魯吉亞語
catalan_translation Catalan translation 加泰羅尼亞語
hindi_translation Hindi translation 北印度語
punjabi_translation Punjabi translation 旁遮普語
finnish_translation Finnish translation 芬蘭語
belarusian_translation Belarusian translation 白俄羅斯語
vietnamese_translation Vietnamese translation 越南語
armenian_translation Armenian translation 亞美尼亞語
gujarati_translation Gujarati translation 古吉拉特語
tamil_translation Tamil translation 坦米爾語
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
import_recordings_alert_text_2 File modified after the call 調用後修改了文件
import_recordings_alert_text_3 Call record removed from the call log 呼叫記錄中刪除了呼叫記錄
import_recordings_alert_text_4 File created on a different phone and the call log not synced to this phone 在另一部手機上創建的文件和通話記錄未同步到此手機
import_recordings_alert_text_5 Recording of this call already exists in the app 應用程序中已存在此呼叫的錄音
import_recordings_summary Import recordings from the system recorder folder 從系統錄音資料夾中導入錄音
imported_toast Imported %1$d of %2$d 導入%1$d的%2$d
incall_control_for_incoming For incoming calls 來電通話
incall_control_for_incoming_summary Show in-call control button on incoming calls 來電通話時顯示呼叫控制按鈕
incall_control_for_outgoing For outgoing calls 撥出通話
incall_control_for_outgoing_summary Show in-call control button on outgoing calls 撥出通話時顯示呼叫控制按鈕
indonesian_translation Indonesian translation 印尼語翻譯
install_unlocker Install Unlocker 安裝解鎖
install_update Install 安裝
installing_update Installing 安裝
italian_translation Italian translation 義大利語
japanese_translation Japanese translation 日語
kannada_translation Kannada translation 卡納達語翻譯
kilobyte KB KB
korean_translation Korean translation 韓語
language Language 語言
latvian_translation Latvian translation 拉脫維亞語
left_channel Left channel 左聲道
license_check_failed Failed to Verify License 無法驗證授權
license_check_failed_summary Press here for details 按此處查看詳情
license_check_pending License Check Pending 授權有待驗證
license_error_contacting_server Error contacting server 伺服器連線錯誤
license_error_message Error #%1$s: %2$s 錯誤 #%1$s: %2$s
license_help Help 幫助
license_incorrect_response Incorrect license response from the Play Store Play Store 傳回不正確的授權驗證資訊
license_not_market_managed This version is not published on the Play Store yet 這個版本尚未在 Play Store 上公布


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