Settings for %s
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
call_confirm_summary Show confirmation dialog before calling 通話前顯示確認視窗
after_call_actions_dialog After-call actions dialog 通話後跳出操作視窗
after_call_actions_dialog_summary Ask what to do after a call 詢問通話後的操作
vibrate_on_call_start Vibrate on call start 在通話開始時振動
vibrate_on_call_end Vibrate on call end 在通話結束時振動
exceptions Exceptions 例外
exceptions_summary Set specific actions for contacts, groups, phone numbers, or call types 設定聯絡人、群組或電話號碼的特定動作
start_recording_on_answer Start recording on answer 接通後開始錄製
start_recording_on_answer_summary_v2 Start recording once an outgoing call is answered. The app uses an undocumented workaround to detect a moment when the other side answers, so this feature may fail on some devices. 打出電話後,開始錄音。 該應用程序使用一個未公開的解決方法來檢測對方回答的時刻,所以這個功能可能會在一些設備上失敗。
start_recording_on_answer_error Call Recorder could not detect an answer moment, will start recording immediately 當通話錄音無法檢測到應答時刻,將立即開始錄製
delay_before_start_recording Delay before start recording 開始錄音前的延遲時間
delay_before_start_recording_summary For outgoing: %1$s, for incoming: %2$s 撥出: %1$s, 來電: %2$s
delay_format_sec %s sec %s 秒
delay_for_outgoing For outgoing 撥出
delay_for_incoming For incoming 來電
settings_for_device Settings for %s 設定為 %s
recording_format Recording format 錄音格式
volume_control Volume control 音量控制
volume_control_summary Left: %1$s, Right: %2$s 左: %1$s, 右: %2$s
volume_control_overall Overall volume 整體音量
left_channel Left channel 左聲道
right_channel Right channel 右聲道
sample_rate_8000 8000 Hz (Default) 8000 赫茲 (預設)
sample_rate_11025 11025 Hz 11025 赫茲
sample_rate_16000 16000 Hz 16000 赫茲
sample_rate_22050 22050 Hz 22050 赫茲
sample_rate_44100 44100 Hz 44100 赫茲
sample_rate_48000 48000 Hz 48000 赫茲
convert_after_call Convert recording after a call 通話後轉換錄音
api_audio_source Audio source 聲音來源
api_source_uplink_downlink Voice call uplink + downlink 語音通話(傳送+接收)
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
section_tasks_hint Time-consuming tasks with recordings such as converting, encrypting or uploading to a cloud will be displayed here 耗時的錄音任務,如轉換、加密或上傳到雲端將在這裡顯示
section_trash Trash 回收桶
select_language Select language 選擇語言
select_your_device Select your device 請選擇您的手機型號
send_sms Send SMS 傳送訊息
serbian_translation Serbian translation 塞爾維亞語
settings_about About 關於
settings_audio_player Audio player 音源播放器
settings_backup Backup 備份
settings_backup_created Backup created: %s 已建立備份: %s
settings_backup_summary All settings will be saved to the following file: 所有設定將儲存到以下檔案:
settings_cloud Cloud 雲端
settings_debug Debug 程式除錯選項
settings_filename Filename 檔案名稱
settings_folders_and_files Folders and Files 資料夾與檔案
settings_for_device Settings for %s 設定為 %s
settings_recording Recording 錄音中
settings_restore Restore 還原
settings_restore_confirm Are you sure you want to restore this backup? This will override all your current settings. This action cannot be undone. 您確定要還原這個備份?這個操作將複寫您目前的設定。這個動作將無法取消。
settings_restore_failed Restore failed 還原錯誤
settings_restored Settings restored 設定已還原
settings_restored_summary To make sure backup restored correctly 確保備份正確還原
settings_restored_summary_0 Review your exceptions in Settings → Recording. 在“設定”→“記錄”中查看您的例外情況。
settings_restored_summary_1 In Settings → Cloud you need to sign in again. 在設定→您需要重新登錄。
settings_restored_summary_2 Check Settings → Recording if you've restored settings from a different device. 如果您已從其他設備還原設定,請選中設定→錄製。
settings_security Security 安全性
settings_ui_and_appearance Interface and Appearance 介面與外觀
share_keep_meta_data Keep meta data 保持元數據
share_via Share via 透過分享
show_button_to_add_star Show button to add star 顯示增加標記按鈕


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