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Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
hide_button_before_answer Hide button before answer 直到接通前隱藏按鈕
hide_button_before_answer_summary Don't show in-call control button until connection is established 直到接通通話前不顯示控制按鍵
long_press_action Long press action 長按動作
long_press_action_hang_up Hang up the call and call back automatically 掛斷電話,自動回撥
show_button_to_add_star Show button to add star 顯示增加標記按鈕
category_main_screen Main screen 主畫面
hide_starred_recordings Hide starred recordings 隱藏標記的錄音
hide_starred_recordings_summary Don't show starred recordings on screen with all recordings 在螢幕上不顯示所有標記的錄音檔案
pull_down_to_rescan_folder Pull down the list to rescan folder 下拉列表重新掃描資料夾
low_space_warning Low space warning 空間不足警告
low_space_warning_summary Set low space warning limit in megabytes 在跳出警告前,設定以MB為單位的最低空間不足門檻
show_phone_numbers Show phone numbers 顯示電話號碼
category_contacts Contacts 聯絡人
link_to_contacts Link to contacts 連結聯絡人
link_to_contacts_summary Create a shortcut to view recordings from within a contact 建立一個查看特定聯絡人錄音記錄的捷徑方式
view_recordings View recordings 查看錄音
toast_use_system_ui Use system UI to control recording 使用系統UI控制錄音
cloud_provider Cloud provider 雲端服務提供商
sign_in Sign in 登入
sign_out_dropbox Sign out of Dropbox 登出Dropbox
sign_out_google_drive Sign out of Google Drive 登出Google 雲端硬碟
sign_out_onedrive Sign out of OneDrive 登出OneDrive
sign_out_box Sign out of Box 登出Box
sign_out_yandex Sign out of Yandex.Disk 登出Yandex.Disk
sign_out_webdav Sign out of WebDAV 登出網路磁碟
sign_out Sign out 登出
cloud_common_settings Common 常見
cloud_wifi_only Wi-Fi only 僅使用Wi-Fi
cloud_upload_when_charging Upload when charging only 僅在充電時上傳
cloud_auto_upload Auto upload 自動上傳
cloud_auto_upload_summary Upload recording right after call 通話結束後自動上傳
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
transaction_id Transaction ID 交易ID
true_phone_integration True Phone integration 真實的電話集成
turkish_translation Turkish translation 土耳其語
ukrainian_translation Ukrainian translation 烏克蘭語
unknown_error Unknown error: %s 未知錯誤: %s
update_available Update available 更新可用
update_available_summary Tap here to view details and install update 點按此處查看詳細信息並安裝更新
upload_failed Upload failed 上傳失敗
use_built_in_player Use built-in player 使用內置的播放器
use_proximity_sensor Use proximity sensor 使用近距離感應器
use_proximity_sensor_summary Disable screen by proximity sensor during playback 播放過程中關閉螢幕接近感應器
version Version 版本
vibrate_on_call_end Vibrate on call end 在通話結束時振動
vibrate_on_call_start Vibrate on call start 在通話開始時振動
vietnamese_translation Vietnamese translation 越南語
view_recordings View recordings 查看錄音
volume_control Volume control 音量控制
volume_control_overall Overall volume 整體音量
volume_control_summary Left: %1$s, Right: %2$s 左: %1$s, 右: %2$s
waiting_for_answer Waiting for answer 等待應答
warning_low_space Low space: %s 空間不足: %s
warning_no_numbers You have installed the Play Store version of the app. This version complies with the new store policy which does not allow to determine phone numbers anymore. 您已安裝Play Store版本。 此版本符合Play Store新的政策,將不再顯示電話號碼。
when_bt_connected When BT connected… 當藍牙連接之後的動作…
when_bt_connected_disable_recording Disable recording 停止錄音
when_bt_connected_do_nothing Do nothing 沒做什麼
when_bt_connected_switch_source Switch audio source 改變聲音來源
wrong_password Wrong password 密碼錯誤
zoom_in Zoom in 放大
zoom_out Zoom out 縮小


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