Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
tip_click_avatar_to_edit_number Click avatar to edit number or contact 單擊頭像以編輯號碼或聯絡人
tip_click_avatar Click avatar to open contact info. 點擊頭像開啟聯絡人信息。
tip_long_click_avatar Long press avatar will filter calls from this contact. 長按頭像將過濾這個聯絡人的來電。
tip_select_item Long press an item to select it. 長按某個項目進行選擇。
tip_select_all An option Select All will then appear in the context menu. 選擇全部將在上下文選單中出現選項。
tip_audio_output Long press Play/Pause button to switch audio output. 長按播放/暫停按鈕來切換音頻輸出。
rate_app Rate app 評價應用
do_you_like_the_app Do you like the app? 你喜歡這個應用嗎?
thank_you_for_review Thank you for the review! 感謝你的反饋!
rate_on_gp Please, rate the app on Google Play as well. 請在Google Play上為該應用評分。
button_contact_us Contact us 聯絡我們
quick_actions Quick actions 快速動作
quick_actions_menu_tip Use quick actions menu in the navigation drawer 使用快捷操作菜單導航抽屜
rescan_folder Rescan folder 重新掃描資料夾
list_header_today Today 今天
list_header_yesterday Yesterday 昨天
queued Queued 排隊
upload_failed Upload failed 上傳失敗
no_connection No connection 沒有連線
not_charging Not charging 沒有充電
add_to_contacts Add to contacts 新增到聯絡人
error_contacts_app_not_found Contacts app not found 找不到通訊錄應用
menu_add_to_dropbox Add to Dropbox 增加到Dropbox
menu_add_to_drive Add to Drive 增加到雲端裝置
menu_add_to_onedrive Add to OneDrive 增加到OneDrive
menu_add_to_box Add to Box 增加到Box
menu_add_to_yandex Add to Yandex.Disk 增加到Yandex.Disk
menu_add_to_webdav Add to WebDAV 增加到網路磁碟
menu_add_note Add note 增加注釋
menu_edit_note Edit note 編輯注釋
menu_share Share 分享
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
license_not_market_managed This version is not published on the Play Store yet 這個版本尚未在 Play Store 上公布
license_over_quota Too many requests from this device 此設備的請求過多
license_server_error Server error 伺服器錯誤
license_signature_verification_failed Signature verification failed 驗證簽名失敗
license_status License status 授權狀態
license_too_many_devices Too many devices activated 啟動了太多設備
license_trial Trial version, will expire on %s 試用版本,將於 %s 到期
license_trial_expired Trial period expired 試用期滿
license_trial_expired_summary_v2 Purchase full version to continue using the app 購買完整版本,繼續使用該應用程序
license_unknown_error Unknown error 未知錯誤
license_verified License Verified 已授權
license_verified_summary Press to hide 按隱藏
link_to_contacts Link to contacts 連結聯絡人
link_to_contacts_summary Create a shortcut to view recordings from within a contact 建立一個查看特定聯絡人錄音記錄的捷徑方式
list_header_today Today 今天
list_header_yesterday Yesterday 昨天
lithuanian_translation Lithuanian translation 立陶宛語翻譯
lock_after Lock after 鎖定後
lock_after_10_minutes 10 min 10分鐘
lock_after_1_minute 1 min 1分鐘
lock_after_3_minutes 3 min 3分鐘
lock_after_5_minutes 5 min 5分鐘
lock_after_exit Exit 離開
long_operation_confirm This operation can take several minutes. Are you sure you want to proceed? 此操作可能需要幾分鐘的時間。您確定要繼續?
long_press_action Long press action 長按動作
long_press_action_hang_up Hang up the call and call back automatically 掛斷電話,自動回撥
low_space_warning Low space warning 空間不足警告
low_space_warning_summary Set low space warning limit in megabytes 在跳出警告前,設定以MB為單位的最低空間不足門檻
main_speaker Main speaker 主揚聲器
max_age_of_recordings Max. age of recordings 錄音保留最大天數


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