This operation can take several minutes. Are you sure you want to proceed?
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
button_dismiss Dismiss 禁止
button_enable Enable 開啟
button_hide Hide 隱藏
button_done Done 完成
decline Decline 拒絕
accept Accept 允許
disabled Disabled 禁用
call_incoming Incoming 來電
call_outgoing Outgoing 撥出
please_wait Please wait… 請稍後…
start_recording Start recording 開始錄音
stop_recording Stop recording 停止錄音
action_mode_selected %d selected %d 已選擇
switch_on On 開啟
switch_off Off 關閉
long_operation_confirm This operation can take several minutes. Are you sure you want to proceed? 此操作可能需要幾分鐘的時間。您確定要繼續?
toast_wait_for_operation_to_complete Wait for an operation to complete 等待操作完成
toast_recording_is_off Recording is OFF 已關閉錄音
toast_recording_is_on Recording is ON 已開啟錄音
toast_file_deleted File deleted forever 永遠刪除檔案
toast_files_deleted Files deleted forever 檔案永遠刪除
toast_file_moved_to_trash File moved to trash 檔案已移至回收桶
toast_files_moved_to_trash Files moved to trash 檔案已移至回收桶
toast_file_restored File restored 檔案已復原
toast_files_restored Files restored 檔案已復原
toast_delete_starred Long press to delete starred recording 長按刪除已標記星號的錄音
call_confirm_record_this_call Record this call 錄製此通話
open_contact Open contact 開啟聯絡人
send_sms Send SMS 傳送訊息
copy_to_clipboard Copy to clipboard 複製到剪貼簿
msg_copied Copied 複製
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
license_trial_expired_summary_v2 Purchase full version to continue using the app 購買完整版本,繼續使用該應用程序
license_unknown_error Unknown error 未知錯誤
license_verified License Verified 已授權
license_verified_summary Press to hide 按隱藏
link_to_contacts Link to contacts 連結聯絡人
link_to_contacts_summary Create a shortcut to view recordings from within a contact 建立一個查看特定聯絡人錄音記錄的捷徑方式
list_header_today Today 今天
list_header_yesterday Yesterday 昨天
lithuanian_translation Lithuanian translation 立陶宛語翻譯
lock_after Lock after 鎖定後
lock_after_10_minutes 10 min 10分鐘
lock_after_1_minute 1 min 1分鐘
lock_after_3_minutes 3 min 3分鐘
lock_after_5_minutes 5 min 5分鐘
lock_after_exit Exit 離開
long_operation_confirm This operation can take several minutes. Are you sure you want to proceed? 此操作可能需要幾分鐘的時間。您確定要繼續?
long_press_action Long press action 長按動作
long_press_action_hang_up Hang up the call and call back automatically 掛斷電話,自動回撥
low_space_warning Low space warning 空間不足警告
low_space_warning_summary Set low space warning limit in megabytes 在跳出警告前,設定以MB為單位的最低空間不足門檻
main_speaker Main speaker 主揚聲器
max_age_of_recordings Max. age of recordings 錄音保留最大天數
max_age_of_recordings_message Enter a value in days (0 - no limit) 輸入數值[天] (0 - 無限制)
max_number_of_files Max. number of files 錄音最大數量
max_number_of_files_message Enter a number (0 - no limit) 輸入數值[個] (0 - 無限制)
max_total_size_of_files Max. total size of files 錄音最大大小
max_total_size_of_files_message Enter a value in megabytes (0 - no limit) 輸入數值[MB] (0 - 無限制)
max_trash_age Max. age of trash entries 最大歷史回收項目
max_trash_age_message Enter a value in days (0 - to disable automatic removal) 輸入天的值(0 -禁用自動去除)
megabyte MB MB


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