Automatic cleanup
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
exception_condition_all_calls All calls 所有通話
exception_condition_contacts_only Contacts only 僅限聯絡人
exception_condition_non_contacts Non-contacts 非聯絡人
request_higher_sample_rate Request higher sample rate 要求更高的採樣率
request_higher_sample_rate_summary To prevent accelerated recordings. Some devices return lower sample rate, than requested, e.g. Galaxy S20. So this option might help. 為了防止加速錄音。 某些設備返回的採樣率低於要求的採樣率,例如 Galaxy S20。 因此,此選項可能會有所幫助。
true_phone_integration True Phone integration 真實的電話集成
folder Folder 資料夾
folder_chooser_up_to ↑ Up to %s ↑ 最多 %s
create_new_folder Create new folder… 建立新資料夾…
dialog_title_new_folder New folder 新資料夾
dialog_grant_permission_title Grant permission 授予許可
dialog_grant_permission_message Select the same folder in a new window to grant the permission 在新視窗中選擇同一資料夾以授予權限
dialog_grant_permission_to_folder_message Select %s folder in a new window to grant the permission 在新視窗中選擇 %s資料夾以授予權限
reselect_folder Reselect folder 重新選擇資料夾
toast_wrong_directory_selected You have selected wrong folder. Try again. 您選擇了錯誤的資料夾,請再試一次。
automatic_cleanup Automatic cleanup 自動清理
cleanup_uploaded_only Cleanup uploaded files only 僅清理上傳的檔案
cleanup_uploaded_only_summary Only uploaded files will be automatically removed 只有上傳的檔案將被自動刪除
delete_short_recordings Delete short recordings 刪除短錄音
delete_short_recordings_summary Move recordings shorter than %s seconds to trash automatically. Set 0 to disable 自動移動小於%s秒的短錄音至垃圾。桶。設置0則禁用
delete_short_recordings_message Enter a value in seconds (0 - to disable automatic removal) 輸入值(秒)(0 -禁用自動去除)
max_trash_age Max. age of trash entries 最大歷史回收項目
max_trash_age_message Enter a value in days (0 - to disable automatic removal) 輸入天的值(0 -禁用自動去除)
max_number_of_files Max. number of files 錄音最大數量
max_number_of_files_message Enter a number (0 - no limit) 輸入數值[個] (0 - 無限制)
max_total_size_of_files Max. total size of files 錄音最大大小
max_total_size_of_files_message Enter a value in megabytes (0 - no limit) 輸入數值[MB] (0 - 無限制)
max_age_of_recordings Max. age of recordings 錄音保留最大天數
max_age_of_recordings_message Enter a value in days (0 - no limit) 輸入數值[天] (0 - 無限制)
current_setting Current setting: %s 目前的設定值: %s
settings_filename Filename 檔案名稱
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
api_source_voice_recognition Voice recognition 語音識別
app_admin App Admin 應用管理員
app_admin_explanation Call Recorder doesn't use any feature of device admin except protecting uninstall 通話錄音除了保護移除外,不會使用裝置上任何的管理功能
app_admin_summary Necessary to prevent uninstalling Call Recorder 防止移除通話紀錄
app_description_summary An app to record phone calls from the phone line automatically 這是一個自動通話錄音的應用程式
app_name Call Recorder 通話錄音
arabic_translation Arabic translation 阿拉伯語
armenian_translation Armenian translation 亞美尼亞語
audio_output Audio output 音源輸出
audio_output_summary %s (Long tap on play/pause button will switch it as well) %s (長按上播放/暫停切換)
audio_source_when_bt_connected Audio source when BT connected 當藍牙連接後的聲音來源
auto_encryption Auto encryption 自動加密
auto_encryption_summary Encrypt recordings after a call 錄製通話後,加密錄音
auto_unlock Auto unlock 自動解鎖
auto_unlock_summary Unlock without pressing 'OK' once you entered the correct password 解鎖不需按“確定”按鈕,一旦你輸入了正確的密碼
automatic_cleanup Automatic cleanup 自動清理
azerbaijani_translation Azerbaijani translation 亞塞拜然語
backup_settings Backup settings 備份設定
belarusian_translation Belarusian translation 白俄羅斯語
bengali_translation Bengali translation 孟加拉語
bosnian_translation Bosnian translation 波斯尼亞語翻譯
brazilian_portuguese_translation Brazilian Portuguese translation 巴西葡萄牙語
bulgarian_translation Bulgarian translation 保加利亞語
button_buy Buy 購買
button_call Call 通話
button_cancel Cancel 取消
button_choose Choose 選擇
button_contact_us Contact us 聯絡我們
button_create Create 建立
button_delete Delete 刪除


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