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Key English State
slovak_translation Slovak translation
slovenian_translation Slovenian translation
sort_by_contact By contact
sort_by_date By date
sort_by_file_size By file size
space_free_of %1$s free of %2$s
spanish_translation Spanish translation
starred_recordings_wont_be_deleted Starred recordings won't be deleted
start_label Start:
start_marker Start marker
start_recording Start recording
start_recording_on_answer Start recording on answer
start_recording_on_answer_error Call Recorder could not detect an answer moment, will start recording immediately
start_recording_on_answer_summary_v2 Start recording once an outgoing call is answered. The app uses an undocumented workaround to detect a moment when the other side answers, so this feature may fail on some devices.
stop Stop
stop_recording Stop recording
submit Submit
swedish_translation Swedish translation
switch_alsa_controls Switch ALSA controls
switch_audio_output Switch audio output
switch_audio_output_summary Automatically switch audio output when screen is disabled/enabled by proximity sensor
switch_off Off
switch_on On
system_recorder_delete_source_file Delete source file
system_recorder_delete_source_file_summary Imported files will be deleted from the system recorder folder
system_recorder_folder System recorder folder
system_recorder_folder_summary Select folder where built-in call recording app stores its files. New files from this folder will be imported.
system_recorder_important Important
system_recorder_important_summary Use this method in case your device has built-in call recording function. The app will import new recordings from the folder selected below. Click here to open Phone settings.
system_recorder_selected_folder Selected folder: %s


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