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Key English State
no_recording_in_progress No recording in progress
an_error_has_occurred An error has occurred, this call cannot be recorded
notify_channel_important Important
notify_channel_stand_by Stand by
ignore_voip_calls Ignore VoIP calls
ignore_voip_calls_summary The app usually cannot record VoIP calls, but if the app tries to record them and it causes issues, then enable this option to not start recording such calls automatically
email Email
password Password
sign_in_failed Sign in failed
sign_in_failed_details Sign in failed: %s
sign_in_no_connection no connection or server unavailable
sign_in_incorrect incorrect email or password
sign_in_account_locked account locked for 15 minutes
sign_in_account_not_activated account is not activated (check your inbox)
sign_in_using_password Sign in using password
signed_in_as Signed in as %s
transaction_id Transaction ID
enter_transaction_id_summary Enter your transaction ID. This can be found on Make sure the date of transaction is BEFORE 3rd September 2017 and you've signed in to the same google account as you used for purchase.
sign_in_summary Use the account you've used to purchase the app, otherwise the license might get revoked later. Even if it'd be accepted now.
submit Submit
error_wrong_transaction_id Wrong transaction ID
error_transaction_id_is_already_used Transaction ID is already used on another account
error_transaction_id_not_found Transaction ID is not found
error_transaction_does_not_belong Transaction ID doesn't belong to this account
unknown_error Unknown error: %s
restore_license Restore license
if_purchased_after_3_sep_2017 If you've purchased the app on the Play Store after 3rd September 2017
restore_license_short Restore
click_below_to_restore_license Otherwise, click below to restore license
wrong_password Wrong password
enter_password Enter password


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