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Key English State
device_other Other
recording_method Recording method
recording_method_api Standard API
recording_method_api_settings Settings for Standard API recording method
recording_method_system System Recorder
recording_method_system_settings Settings for System Recorder recording method
category_actions Actions
call_confirm Call confirm
call_confirm_summary Show confirmation dialog before calling
after_call_actions_dialog After-call actions dialog
after_call_actions_dialog_summary Ask what to do after a call
vibrate_on_call_start Vibrate on call start
vibrate_on_call_end Vibrate on call end
exceptions Exceptions
exceptions_summary Set specific actions for contacts, groups, phone numbers, or call types
start_recording_on_answer Start recording on answer
start_recording_on_answer_summary_v2 Start recording once an outgoing call is answered. The app uses an undocumented workaround to detect a moment when the other side answers, so this feature may fail on some devices.
start_recording_on_answer_error Call Recorder could not detect an answer moment, will start recording immediately
delay_before_start_recording Delay before start recording
delay_before_start_recording_summary For outgoing: %1$s, for incoming: %2$s
delay_format_sec %s sec
delay_for_outgoing For outgoing
delay_for_incoming For incoming
settings_for_device Settings for %s
recording_format Recording format
volume_control Volume control
volume_control_summary Left: %1$s, Right: %2$s
volume_control_overall Overall volume
left_channel Left channel
right_channel Right channel
sample_rate_8000 8000 Hz (Default)


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