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Key English State
sort_by_date By date
sort_by_contact By contact
sort_by_file_size By file size
records_size records: %1$s, size: %2$s
space_free_of %1$s free of %2$s
warning_low_space Low space: %s
warning_no_numbers You have installed the Play Store version of the app. This version complies with the new store policy which does not allow to determine phone numbers anymore.
permission_storage Storage
permission_storage_summary Needed to store recordings
permission_phone_and_call_logs Phone & Call logs
permission_phone_summary Needed to get notifications about calls with phone numbers
permission_microphone Microphone
permission_microphone_summary Needed to record audio
permission_contacts Contacts
permission_contacts_summary Needed to link recordings with contacts
permission_draw_over Draw over other apps
permission_draw_over_summary Needed to draw in-call control button
msg_grant_permissions Please grant permissions
msg_grant_permissions_summary The app won't work unless you grant the permissions
msg_additional_patch_required Additional patch may be required on your device.
msg_read_best_practices Read how to avoid issues with call recording
dismiss_this_message Dismiss this message?
msg_trash_info Recordings that have been in trash for more than %d days will be deleted automatically.
msg_trash_info_disabled Recordings in trash won't be deleted automatically.
tip_click_avatar_to_edit_number Click avatar to edit number or contact
tip_click_avatar Click avatar to open contact info.
tip_long_click_avatar Long press avatar will filter calls from this contact.
tip_select_item Long press an item to select it.
tip_select_all An option Select All will then appear in the context menu.
tip_audio_output Long press Play/Pause button to switch audio output.
rate_app Rate app


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