Key English Bosnian State
phone_number_hidden Hidden number
left_channel Left channel
right_channel Right channel
system_recorder_import_after_call Import after a call
system_recorder_import_after_call_summary The app won't monitor the folder during a call, but will try to import recordings after call finished
dialog_grant_permission_to_folder_message Select %s folder in a new window to grant the permission
pattern_group_name group name
recording_is_being_finished Recording is being finished
checking_for_new_recordings Checking for new recordings
importing_in_progress Importing in progress
notify_waiting_to_import Waiting the call to end to import recordings
skip_silence Skip silence
experimental_feature This is experimental feature
contact_no_group No group
record_log_every_call Record log every call
msg_uninstall_old_system_recorder Uninstall unsupported System Recorder to be able to install the new one
button_uninstall Uninstall